Full Room Package

I will help you design, curate and style the entire room. I will work with you to help define the style, function and mood you want for the room. I will work within your budget and can source retail items or even custom to the trade only. 

"This was the best purchase I made all year!"

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Finishing Touch Package

Do you already have most of the furniture and just need help pulling the room together? This can be fixtures, drapery and accessories. This can also be used to help style an area such as bookshelves.

"This was so helpful and just what I needed!"

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Onsite Design Services

Are you local to Pittsburgh and surrounding areas and looking for in person services? I have a range of services I am offering and would love to work together! I am currently working any size project so reach out to tell me more about the specifics!

"This has been SO helpful and I can't imagine doing this without you!"

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Client Love


"I am so thankful to have your help with our master bedroom design. It felt so good to order the items knowing the care and design expertise you gave to me. I felt confident with the orders and excited to get them in place. Thanks for all your work done for our project! We love it!"

"OH MY GOSH! I love love love the mirrors!!! lol (ok, I'm a little over excited lol). I love everything ! OMG .. I need to start painting and see this room come to life!"

"This design is incredible! I could never have come up with this on my own. I will be hiring you again ASAP!"